Have you got facial lines that you want to improve?

Is this you?

  • Do you want a brow lift?
  • Would you like frown lines to disappear?
  • Would you like your lips volumized?
  • Would you like your cheeks plumped?
  • Do you dislike your nose to mouth lines?

We have the solutions

JM Facial Aesthetics – Beautiful You
Dr Martine Graham has been providing facial aesthetic solutions for over 15 years. Martine is a qualified dentist but has a special passion for working with a range of natural products to offer patients facial aesthetic solutions and is a recognised national trainer for facial aesthetics.

Facial Aesthetic at JM Dental

Martine can tackle facial wrinkles caused by muscles moving beneath the skin. A liquid relaxant is used to reduce muscle movement, leaving smoother skin on the surface above.

Martine can use biodegradable fillers to fill lines, folds and wrinkles caused by loss of collagen. As well as making the face appear smoother, this technique can be used to make lips appear fuller and more defined.

Martine offers a free facial aesthetics consultation so that she can discuss your concerns and what solutions would work best for you.

To book your complimentary consultation to discuss any issues related to your facial treatments or any requirements you may have, please call: 0121 354 5433. Alternatively, to book online please use our booking form.