Have you got a missing tooth?

Is this you?

  • Have you stopped smiling because you have teeth missing?
  • Are you getting food trapped on a daily basis where teeth have been taken out?
  • Have you got less teeth than you used to and food choices have become limited?

There are many solutions to replacing missing teeth

At JM we provide the following solutions

Dentist, Dr Joe Henderson provides the ultimate solution for missing teeth which is dental implants. At the practice, Joe provides a comprehensive assessment to make sure that implants will be a successful option for you. Joe prides himself on not providing implants to any patient where we cannot guarantee at least a 95% chance of success rate for the implant to be clinically placed.

JM Dental Care Dental Implants

Clinical dental technician, Phillip Morris provides bespoke dentures here at the practice. Phill will see you for each appointment alongside doing all the lab work so that you get the ultimate fitting and ethically pleasing denture.

Implants and dentures can be used in combination to replace multiple missing teeth. At JM, this is where Joe and Phill work closely together to find a solution that will work best for a patient facing this concern.

To book your complimentary consultation to discuss any issues related to your dental implants treatments or any requirements you may have, please call: 0121 354 5433. Alternatively, to book online please use our booking form.