Filling Gaps In Your Teeth


Dentures, also sometimes described as ‘false’ teeth, are used to replace missing teeth. Depending on the number of teeth missing, a full denture (for those missing an entire set of teeth) or partial denture (in cases where fewer teeth are missing) will be recommended for the patient.

Dentures are a great way for those who have lost teeth to eat more comfortably, improve their speech, and boost their appearance and confidence.

Dentures are a fantastic option for patients who have recently lost teeth as they can be promptly fitted, though they may require repositioning thereafter. In some cases, it may be recommended that you wait before your gum heals before being fitted with a denture. Our dentist will give you the fullest and most reliable advice on this before you commence treatment with our Dental Technician.

Our Dental Technician Phillip Morris was introduced at JM Dentalcare in January 2012. Phillip Morris has been working with dentures for the last 20 years running his denture lab called Philden in Harbourne. A legal change by the GDC in 2011 created a new qualification which has allowed Phil to become a Dental Technician. This qualification means that Phil is able to work on patients directly at the practice from a Dentist prescription, to facilitate each stage of either a partial or full denture journey both at the practice and at the lab. This unique experience allows you and Phil the opportunity to talk about what can be achieved cosmetically and with the fitting of your denture, so that every nuance can be taken into account and you get exactly the denture you have always wanted.

If you have had dentures fitted, you still need to take the utmost care of your teeth and gums in order to avoid gum disease. The dental technician will let you know how you need to clean your dentures and how this will fit in with your daily oral health care routine. It is important that the advice of the dental technician is followed to ensure your dentures last as long as possible.

As with many dental treatments, regular appointments to see the dentist are required so that you can ensure your dentures remain safe, comfortable, and in great condition. Our dentist will let you know your recall period after every appointment.

If you are interested in booking an initial consultation for a procedure to have dentures fitted, please book using the function on our website. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the practice.

Dental Implants

Teeth play an important role in our overall quality of life. They give us self confidence, enable us to speak clearly, enjoy eating and give us added security in dealing with all sorts of everyday situations. The importance of our teeth becomes apparent when we lose one or more of them or when their replacement in the form of conventional bridges or dentures causes problems.

A dental implant is a small tooth/screw made of titanium, a well tolerated metal that integrates readily with the body. Intolerance only occurs in very rare cases.

They can be used if:

  • Gum disease has resulted in tooth loss.
  • You have had an accident whether in sport or in normal life that has resulted in tooth loss.
  • If you have missing teeth already and wish to increase the number of your teeth for function or cosmetic reasons.
  • If you wear dentures, implants can support a denture to create an anchor so that the denture stays firmly in place.
  • Implants can be placed as a single tooth unit or as a bridge if there is a larger space to fill.

The first stage is a complimentary consultation with our implant co-ordinator. In this appointment you have the opportunity to chat through your dental requirements, give you an overview of the treatment journey, the options available, what is involved and a finance overview.

If you would like any more information on implants then please call the practice on 0121 3545433 and book your complimentary consultation. There is also a link for Straumann on our front page to their website or you can go to Straumann are our elected company for delivering all the components necessary to do your implant treatment. There website is full of fantastic in detail information on everything you need to know.

Please click here to read our Dental Implants: Frequently Asked Questions.


Dental crowns are restorative treatments which are applied on/around a tooth or dental implant. Our dentist may recommend a crown in cases where the tooth has been heavily affected by decay and needs protection, or where a tooth has been excessively worn. Teeth that are cracked, dental bridges that require holding in place, and discoloured teeth can all benefit from use of a dental crown.

Following a number of routine preparatory procedures (including X-rays, reshaping and impression-taking), another appointment will be booked where you will be fitted with a temporary crown using a short-term dental cement. You will wear the temporary crown while you wait for the permanent crown to be produced.

In cases where the crown is required due to decay of a tooth, Root Canal Therapy may be recommended as an initial treatment in order to ensure the tooth remains healthy. This is applicable when teeth have been severely affected by decay, potentially heightening the risk of harming or infecting the pulp.

A crown is a great investment and can be used to treat dental problems as well as to correct cosmetic features of your smile. The crown should last a considerable amount of time given the correct care.

Habits that are considered to be harmful to your natural teeth will also be detrimental to the care of your crown. This means it is important to maintain a good daily oral health care regime, maintain a healthy diet, and avoid grinding your teeth, biting your fingernails, etc.

If you think a dental crown may be an appropriate treatment to correct your dental or cosmetic concern, please do not hesitate to book your appointment at JM Dental Care. Contact us via our website or directly at the practice.