Are you interested in whitening your teeth?

Is this you?

  • Are your teeth discoloured and you would like a fresher smile?
  • Are you looking for a whiter smile for a special occasion?
  • Are you worried about sensitivity by having tooth whitening?
  • Do you want a guarantee of how white your teeth will go?

We have the solutions

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We provide a free consultation so that you can meet one of our fantastic team members and make sure that we are the right dental practice to whiten your teeth.
Our ultimate solution to whitening teeth is using an outstanding prescribed product called Enlighten.

Why we chose Enlighten as our product of choice:

  1. They have a 3 stage sensitivity programme as part of treatment so that patients have a comfortable experience throughout their treatment.
  2. Enlighten guarantee the colour that your teeth will become under the treatment.
  3. The treatment takes on average 4 weeks to complete, to get the smile you have always wanted.
  4. We can extend the whitening treatment under prescription to deal with difficult stains on teeth that has been there for many years.

To book your complimentary consultation to discuss any issues related to your teeth whitening treatments or any requirements you may have, please call: 0121 354 5433. Alternatively, to book online please use our booking form.